The following material is a real change managing change plan in project management practices. After the problem management plan, there is published a real example of a change request form.

This work was created by a true student in a project management certification program. Maximum realism was the goal of this study.

Permission to use the scope change management plan and the change request format:

The change management plan and the change request format were published without copyright infringement. You may use the materials in this publication freely without the need for any permission to use in real project management work.

Change Management Plan

Submission of a change request should only be made by email sent to the Project Manager with a copy to the Project Director and the Function Manager, with the email address “Change Request [today]” and reviewed within 2 days of submission. There is a special form for the Change Request form which must be filled in correctly and promptly. The file name must be “Change Request [today’s date]”

Change Request rejection

The Change Request request will be rejected if the requirements above are not met!

Change Request requests can be submitted only by the following persons: Client, Project Sponsor, Project Client Manager (if one is specified).

The Change Request request is reviewed by the Project Manager and the Project Director at a specially designed meeting. This meeting discusses the request for change and the extent/priority of the request itself. It discusses and determines what the fee will be for the execution of the request and how making that request would affect the project and whether it would replace it from the original deadline.

The following two situations may occur:

No change in the original deadline – In this case, the Change Request request is executed by the Project Manager and the development team and the corresponding change is reported.

Initial Project Offset Delay – In this case, the project deadline is recalculated and a meeting with the Client and the Project Sponsor is made to discuss the potential offset and seek their approval/validation. Upon confirmation by the Client and the Project Sponsor, the Project Manager and the Development Team executes the assigned change.

Еmergency Change Requests

Up to 3 emergency Change Request forms will be allowed each month. Submission of an urgent Change Request form again occurs by e-mail sent to the Project Manager with a copy to the Project Director and the Function Manager, with the email subject “Urgent Change Request [today]” and will be reviewed the same day if it is sent by 13: 00 hours (01:00 PM). If it is dispatched after 13:00 (01:00 PM) it will be fulfilled the next day until noon. These will be reviewed by the Project Manager and the Project Director.

The Change Request Form

Project name
Requested by Date
Requested No Name of the Request
Priority Criticality
Change Description
Impact of the change
Proposed Action
Status In review Approved Rejected
Reasons for the opinion
Approval Date
Approved by

Warnings for use

Although this is a real example of a hands-on course that is quite satisfying, use the materials at your own risk.

This website and article are not responsible for your management practices.

We recommend that these materials be used for educational purposes only.

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