As unimaginable as it may have been a year ago, we are now presented with a new front runner in the democratic primary race — a once in a generation candidate, Barack Obama.

His novelty as a candidate brings much to the imagination. A blank slate, he is like a fun coloring game to a 3-year old. You can throw anything at him and it will be good. He transcends race, when he gains support amongst southern white voters. Yet he also does not transcend race, when at least 80% of african-americans persistently vote for him. He is to the right of left on his healthcare and economic policies, but yet he is the most liberal voting senator according to National Journal’s yearly ranking. He has multinational appeal with a Muslim name that also doubles as the name of a Japanese town. But he also has domestic street credentials having worked as a community organizer in the ‘hoods of inner city Chicago. He is a candidate endorsed by the Democratic establishment, but also appeals to those left-leaning Republican and independents that just don’t like Hillary. Obama delivers messianic speeches that created a cult of personality movement that borders on hysteria. Then his more rational supporters defend him with well-argued prose that make his candidacy seem realistic.

All this from a candidate with no baggage from the past, barely any national legislative record, and a candidate whose skill at avoiding confrontation and polarization turned him from the candidate of nothing into the candidate of everything.

He’s on a movement to make purple states out of red and blue states. Supposedly everyone will be a purple stater in Obama’s world, and it is curious what those purple states would look like, and to what issues they would represent. Just try a thought experiment, what issues would a republican Obama supporter agree with a Democratic supporter… what principles would they have in common aside from their love for Obama.

Somehow, he will make capital give to labor, heal the world, and the culture wars disappear… or maybe not.

This is a grand experiment indeed only possible through a message of hope and optimism. Yes we can!

I feel myself transformed as well. I am now full of hope too. I hope that he will be able to deliver what he has promised as the once-in-a-generation candidate. America cannot stand to be disappointed again.

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